Special SAAQ Theory & Road exam preparations:

Westmount driving school in Montreal downtown courses include exam model test for theory & practical driving test.
SAAQ Theory exam preparations:
In class Quebec road signs & highway safety codes presentations with very effective sample knowledge exam model test. Model theory exam with a certified driving instructor will solve most of the questions for learner students.
Driving Course hours:
Theory knowledge for beginner – 12 hours (1 month)
Theory knowledge for moderate – 6 hours (2 weeks)

SAAQ Driving exam preparations:
Special driving exam model test to all SAAQ centers in greater Montreal include Henri Bourassa, Dorval, Laval, Langelier & Longueuil.
Driving Course hours:
Nervous students – 12 hours (1 month)
Advance students – 6 hours (2 weeks)

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